Our Mission

We, at Bella Monte, exist to create transformation built on love and compassion. We go beyond addiction, doing whatever it takes, to heal ALL that stands in the way of a life filled with love, meaning and purpose.

Our Values

We do whatever it takes to:

  • Have compassion towards ALL
  • Be ethical in treatment and business. We have integrity by being honest, transparent and authentic. We keep our promises.
  • Get results. Our clients actually heal.
  • Operate as a team. We work together for the whole.
  • Continuously grow, improve and adapt. We cultivate joy by moving towards our individual and collective potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to change the world view of addiction, mental health and treatment by insisting that love is the only healer. Love, being the most powerful intervention, creates whole, happy inspirational members of our growing global community.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” – Carl Jung

We do not believe the issue is the drugs and the alcohol. There is underlying pain that causes the perpetual cycle leading a person to nearly kill themselves using these substances. The drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, etc. has become a solution to the pain and maladaptive beliefs held in the subconscious. Our program focuses heavily on trauma, but this does not stop at PTSI (formerly PTSD). The client who appears to be disengaged, uninterested, and disconnected may actually be a client suffering from early damage that created this way of being to survive. Traditional talk therapy will not help the client address this and reconnect him to himself and others. Without this connection, he will have a small chance at staying sober.

We work with each client to safely unfold the defenses and discover what is under the surface. Making the unconscious conscious allows for powerful healing and an encounter with the true self. We use a variety of modalities and experiential experiences with ALL clients to achieve this, primarily EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). We believe the greatest healer is love. We insist on an environment that first starts with positive regard and care for one other and then for our clients. A client who discovers self-love will undoubtedly find the ability to consistently work a program, connect to others, and ultimately stay sober. Our internal research has shown this to be true, dramatically increasing the percentage of clients staying sober for a year and beyond. Join us in this collective movement to love each other and love clients back to health. They are worth it.

(Home is where your story begins)

Home is not where a person was born, where they live, or even the life they have built presently. Home is within. Home is the moment where a person is able to exist within their skin, love themselves unconditionally, and accept life on life’s terms. Home is unique because it is wherever you are. Many addicts and alcoholics have lost the ability to be HOME anywhere because they have lost the ability to sit within their own skin. Shame, emotional pain, physical pain, trauma, and simply life challenges can ignite a need to run away from ourselves. Bella Monte recognizes this human thread and aims to help each client heal their pain so they can finally come home…find themselves again and begin their authentic life story.  Welcome home. Welcome to YOU.

(The you – best teller of their own story)

YOU are the best teller of your own story. Bella Monte makes no assumptions about who you are and what you need until we meet you. We want to get to know you before making any decisions about your program with us. An “individualized program” is a common phrase in the field, but few deliver on an absolutely unique program that addressed the specific needs of each person. You are the only YOU. We allow the client to educate us on their personal story so we can best develop a program that fits your needs. From the very first call, we are deciding which counselor is uniquely talented in the areas you need additional care. We allow our clients to lead their treatment with the guidance and knowledge of our staff to find a way out.. to finally find healing.

(Lifetime mapping – explore past/inform future)

Addiction can be complicated. The underlying reasons we use are many. The multitude of events in a person’s life can seem confusing leading a person to wake up one day and wonder how they got where they are. Bella Monte offers an original project created by our Program Director that allows the client to review their entire life with their counselor. Their journey through the years reveals obvious patterns, but even more importantly, it reveals one cycle that the client has lived over and over again since childhood. One cycle means ONE solution to break the cycle. No matter how much or how little has happened in your life, this project will help you to simplify the overwhelming question of “WHY?”. The Life Time Map is an incredible tool to help each client find their most concise, quick path to breaking the cycle and finally being HOME.

(Your victory – your connection, your community)

While we expose clients to the 12-Step programs in addition to other recovery modalities, we believe strongly that recovery is based in connection with others and a connection to self through a spiritual connection or otherwise. We are adamant about helping each client secure a plan to transition out of treatment that include these two crucial pieces. We encourage individuality in choices when it comes to recovery. We promote recovery, but we go even further, we promote happiness. We promote fulfillment. We promote purpose. This is YOUR story to tell. This if your sobriety. You must make it your own. We are here to help guide.

(Your you, your home in a sober self – tie in to beginning “home” statement)

You are not “just an addict” or “just a client”, you are a human being. Your family is unique. Your childhood in unique. Your needs and wants are unique. You cannot find your way to your best authentic self unless you are treated as a human being and joined in your journey home. It is simple, but it is not easy. We are here to walk beside you.