Mindfulness & Spirituality: Bella Monte Recovery CenterBella Monte Recovery Center™ programs encourage and support the exploration of the mind, body, spirit connection. The connective overall health of these three element create maximum advantages for wellness and healthiness throughout one’s life.

All Bella Monte Recovery Center™ programs offer a variety of options for clients to engage in health and fitness practices for the body, mindfulness of spirit for their core’s calm and stimulating educational classes for the mind.

Mindfulness is the practice of better enabling oneself to observe thoughts and emotions rather than reacting to them without consideration. This practice allows clients to acclimate themselves to be present and live in the moment all while experiencing joy without the burdens of the past or future. A connection to self, others and a sober community is essential in navigating,  managing and enjoying the gifts of a happy sober life after treatment. Bella Monte Recovery Center™ will assess, assist and guide clients throughout the processes of finding their unique paths within all these achievements.