The Bella Monte Recovery Center™ has developed a program to treat First Responders dealing with deep trauma, substance use and mental health issues that may arise from the impact of their professions. Research on First Responders so far shows they are at high risk for depression, anxiety, family dysfunction, negative work-site interactions / bullying, substance use /abuse, PTSD and toxic stress.

  • We treat a variety of first responders referred from around the country.
  • We provide a private, tailored program to target underlying issues common for First Responders.
  • We offer trauma assessment, treatment plans, and treatment that allows First Responders to heal from past trauma and return to work with the skills to cope with new events.

First Responders Program at Bella Monte Recovery: Located Near Palm Springs, CA

Many first responders we have treated describe their substance use as a way to cope with years and years of stress and trauma. They describe an industry that does not talk about trauma and pain and simply moves on from it day to day but their treatment at Bella Monte allows first responders to slow down, take a look at the past, and make healing choices allowing them to live a fulfilled life on and off the job.