Adventure Therapy is just like it sounds. It’s a therapeutic process in which our clients participate in various “adventures” in a safe environment. Most adventure therapy activities are outdoors while some of the activities in adventure therapy may be indoors. All of them share one common element: perceived and/or actual risk.

At Bella Monte, a member of our clinical team leads clients through trust-building activities that promote communication, promotes critical thinking, stimulates brain power, and gets the client out of his/her day-to-day environment. Some people advocate wilderness adventure therapy as the primary avenue to take within the realm of adventure therapy. Others feel that a more low-key activity is equally effective, as long as the activity is inclusive of cooperative games, problem-solving initiatives, and trust-building exercises.

Engaging in a group setting during adventure therapy sessions helps the client develop the skill set required to reach out for help if they are struggling with their recovery.

Some examples of Bella Monte Recovery Center’s Adventure are:

  • Hiking
  • High mountain trail work
  • Labyrinth walking meditation
  • Joshua Tree Monument
  • White Water Reserve