Substance use disorder (SUD) can wreak havoc on the lives of families and individuals. Luckily, many different treatment modalities are available to help those with SUD recover and gain a new sense of happiness and freedom.

You may be familiar with the detox process and talk therapy, both group and individual, but many more healing modalities can be used during treatment. Many treatment centers offer a variety of holistic therapeutic options in addition to traditional treatment methods. Sound bath meditation is one of these methods, and it can aid in the healing process.

What Is Sound Bath Meditation?

Sound bath meditation dates back thousands of years and has been used by many different cultures. This practice can put you in touch with some of your most underlying thoughts, memories, and past experiences.

A sound bath is a meditative experience where those in attendance are bathed in waves of soothing, echoing sound from a variety of musical instruments, including singing bowls, gongs, rattles, chimes, tuning forks, and even the human voice. According to an article titled, “What Are Sound Baths?” published on in 2020, sound baths use “a carefully selected wash of instrument and voice with notable resonance and overtones.”

Participants are asked to lay on their backs for the entire experience, which lasts anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. A sound healing practitioner facilitates the experience. In some sessions, the entire group is welcome to participate in different chants, mantras, or rolling ohms. The restorative properties of these sounds allow participants to regain balance on all levels.

How Sound Baths Work

Sound baths use particular frequencies that promote a healthier emotional state and promote healing in the body to change and balance your energy. Various instruments are used to create specific frequencies that promote healing. Some of these include gongs, singing bowls, and various percussion instruments.

Sound bath meditation enables you to release and allows the brain to let go, creating a state of harmony by using the sound to clear any discord that may exist within your energy fields. These sound waves lead you deeper into a state of contemplation and relaxation, shutting off your body‘s fight-or-flight reflex and leaving you feeling safe in your environment to explore your emotions.

In addition, sound bath meditation can bring about positive changes in habits, thinking, and behaviors by altering the brainwaves and allowing you to explore your emotions. Furthermore, sound bath meditation affects the body just as it affects the mind. Vibrations from the sound waves created can cause the physical body to vibrate in such a way as to cause the release of tension, relief from pain, and a sense of physical relaxation.

How Sound Baths Work in Treating Addiction

SUD affects not only the body but the mind and spirit as well. The stress that can manifest itself in the early stages of abstinence can cause cravings, intense emotions, and many negative physical and mental symptoms. Sound bath meditation allows that negative physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional energy to be released so that healing can begin.

Sound bath meditation can release negative thoughts and feelings that can interfere with your treatment on a conscious and subconscious level. When these feelings are not confronted, they may lead to relapse in some cases. Furthermore, sound baths also teach breathing regulation, which can create clarity and new insights, both of which are vital to overcoming an addiction.

The group aspect of sound bath meditation can also be beneficial. You may find that just sharing physical space with others will help you feel connected to the group, and after the session, you’re able to share your thoughts and reactions with group members. This can help you gain confidence in articulating your emotions and connecting with the people around you.

The Benefits of Sound Bath Meditation

The repetitive nature of sound bath meditation can help focus and ground you, but there are many more benefits of sound bath therapy, including:

  • a sense of wholeness in the body
  • greater internal peace and ease
  • relief from stress and anxiety
  • physical and mental relaxation
  • increased sense of overall well-being

All of these benefits can aid in treating addiction.

Finding a Treatment Program That Offers Sound Bath Meditation

Many practitioners working in the field agree that if a variety of therapeutic modalities are used in treatment, the better the quality of SUD treatment is overall. As holistic approaches become more and more popular in the treatment process, it’s important to consider which holistic therapeutic modalities are offered in the treatment program or center you may be considering.

Sound bath meditation corrects imbalances from the energy field that surrounds your body down to the particles of matter within your cells. Finding a treatment center that incorporates sound bath meditation and other holistic methods with traditional treatment methods may be the best option for you or your loved one.

If you or someone you love is struggling with SUD finding a treatment program that will approach the mind, body, and spirit may give the best chance at a successful recovery. If you’re reading this, it may be time to take back the reins of your life and get the help you deserve. At Bella Monte Recovery Center in Desert Hot Springs, California, our team of addiction specialists and medical professionals will lead you through a holistic approach to recovery for your whole self. In addition to sound bath meditation, the treatment options we offer include psychodrama, eye movement desensitization reprogramming (EMDR), and experiential therapy. At Bella Monte Recovery, we will uncover the root of your SUD and treat the trauma and negative emotions that may be interfering with your life. To learn more about what our program has to offer, call (800) 974-1938 today.