YOU are the best teller of your own story. Bella Monte Recovery Center™ makes no assumptions about who you are or what you absolutely require until we meet you. We get to know you before making any final decisions about your programs with us. 

YOU are the only YOU of your own story.

The phrase “Individualized Program” is commonly used in the recovery field with few delivering on an authenticated program designed specifically and individually to address the specific needs of each person.

What is our approach?

Bella Monte Recovery Center™ allows the client to educate us on their personal story, so that we can best develop a program specifically fitting their individual needs.

From the first call – we are gathering information to orchestrate which counselors are uniquely experienced in all the areas that you may need in additional care. We allow our clients to lead their treatment with the guidance and knowledge of our entire staff to find a way out.

A way to finally finding healing. A way HOME.