Addiction is often complicated. The underlying reasons we use are many. The multitude of events in any one person’s life can seem daunting and confusing. A person wakes up one day and wonders how they got to where they are. 

And WHY?

Bella Monte Recovery Center™ offers “Life Time Mapping™”, an original and exclusive therapeutic project, created by our Program Director, which allows the client to do an entire life review with their counselor. Their journey through the years reveals obvious patterns and more importantly the reveal of one dominant cycle the client has lived over and over again since childhood. 

One cycle gives way to one solution. One solution to break the cycle. No matter how much or how little has happened in your life, this project will help you to simplify the overwhelming question of “WHY?”. Life Time Mapping™ is an incredibly useful tool to assist each client in finding their most concise and direct path to breaking the cycle and finally being HOME.

Home to stay.