Heroin Addiction

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“And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”― J.K. Rowling

With us, you find heroin addiction treatment that lasts. Most of our heroin rehab success stories are from clients who have tried other rehabs and failed. We are not like everybody else – that’s why we succeed.

At Bella Monte Recovery we understand first hand how difficult successful heroin treatment can be and have tailored our rehab program to address all the aspects of complete healing. Our holistic drug rehab facility is built around the premise that this is your last stop on the way down and success is built to last.

Our understanding and experienced staff understands the different events life can throw at people to take them off their healthy and emotionally rewarding path and will assist you in your journey to a drug free life. What you experience during heroin addiction treatment is going to depend on specific factors including how long you have been using and how much you have been using. The speed of your recovery will depend on your ability to understand and cope with other challenges, such as

Sobriety in the Summerunderlying psychological problems and emotional events that may have caused or been caused by your heroin use; we are with you and you will find success with us. As part of the healing process we provide outdoor activities such as golfing, hiking or swimming  to help you learn to use physical exercise as a safe and effective way to relieve stress. In addition, you will also learn other coping techniques, including deep breathing and meditation that aid in your recovery. The majority of residents participate in sports, journaling, art, and music as forms of therapy.

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