Mind & Body

IMG_4698_webOur approach to substance abuse treatment addresses the whole client – mind, body, and spirit. Our holistic wellness programs include the following therapies to help our clients achieve balance that facilitates the recovery process.

Journaling: The process of journaling focuses on building techniques that encourage insight and self-awareness through written expression. Journaling is for ongoing self-exploration and affirmation.

Massage: Alternative holistic therapies such as massage allow clients to release stress and relax in a healthy manner. Additional charges may apply.

Meditation: Practicing meditation can change how a person relates to the flow of emotion and thoughts in the mind and helps to create a mindful and focused environment.

Sauna: Sauna works on the principle of generating abundant sweat to detoxify the body and relax the mind.

Swimming: Swimming offers a gentle exercise for our clients that refreshes the mind and relaxes the body. Our swimming pools and spas are filled with natural hot mineral waters originating from the Desert Hot Springs Aquifer.  These healing waters are  heated by ancient geothermal forces thousands of feet below the earth’s surface. Naturally heated to temperatures as high as 180 degrees, for centuries, the waters have been believed to hold curative powers.

Yoga and Breathing: The holistic focus of yoga encourages the integration of mind, body, and spirit.

Physical Fitness

Bella Monte Recovery Drug & Alcohol Rehab 33 The benefits of physical fitness have been well established after years of research. People who exercise on a regular basis maintain a healthier weight, have more energy and stamina, are better protected from chronic health conditions including diabetes and heart disease, and enjoy a greater feeling of happiness and satisfaction. For all of these reasons, when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab, physical fitness can play a key role in recovery.

Exercise increases levels of endorphin’s in one’s body. As these feelings intensify, users feel less need to use the drugs and alcohol that they used in the past to either create good feelings or dull bad ones. Exercise also boosts the immune system, which makes it easier to manage pain and other chronic conditions. Not only does this reduce the need for illicit substances and prescribed pain medications, it also makes it easier for users to manage or even reverse the effects of past abuse.

Bella Monte incorporates physical fitness into our holistic approach to recovery from addiction because our team understands that recovery from addiction is less effective without a focus on the mind, spirit, and body. We help clients meet their goals and experience a greater level of fitness and health, all while having fun.


IMG_5474RT_webWhen you eat well, you feel well. The Nutrition Program at Bella Monte Recovery Center was designed by a nutritionist who understands the needs of someone new to sobriety. People in need of treatment tend to have unhealthy eating habits and may be nutritionally deprived. We believe that in order to think clearly, work effectively, and have enough energy to get through the day, everyone needs to be properly nourished. Thus, eating well is a learning process and the skills acquired help the individual become not only healthier, but better prepared for many other future real-world experiences.

Expressive Arts

Bella Monte Recovery Drug & Alcohol Rehab 22At Bella Monte, our expressive arts program utilizes drawing, painting, acting, and other forms of visual expression. We believe that the creative process is both healing and life-enhancing.  Our skilled clinicians use the creative process and the issues that come up during art therapy to help their clients:


  • Increase insight and judgment
  • Decrease anxiety and stress levels
  • Work through traumatic experiences
  • Improve communication skills
  • Enjoy the creative process


As part of our comprehensive treatment program, we encourage each of our clients to stay active and plan regular recreational activities. The following activities available to clients include:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Rock Climbing
  • Running
  • Weight Training
  • Yoga
  • Sports Activities
  • Beach Trips
  • Bowling
  • Water Parks
  • Local Attractions and Recovery Conventions
  • Drum Circles
  • Museums
  • Zoos
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