Extended CARE

California Extended Stay Addiction Treatment The Extended Care Addiction Treatment Program at Bella Monte Recovery Center is the most important phase of your treatment experience and is designed to follow an initial 30-day residential program completed with us or with another facility. Our experienced team excels at building on previous treatment plans, identifying areas of growth, and making a new plan that will work. The length of our Extended Care Phase varies depending on each client’s individual progress. The goals of this program are to begin living a life of sobriety with support while continuing the therapeutic process with counselors and peers.

During the Extended Care Phase, clients work with their Treatment Team to get at root causes of their addiction or dual diagnosis. We continually address ongoing recovery issues, communication skills, medication monitoring, dual-diagnosis issues, and participation in a 12-Step program.

Our extended care offers a more structured environment than a traditional sober living home and is the best way to gain confidence in recovery-based skills for lasting sobriety. The program offers our clients the opportunity to implement their tools for sober living while participating in real world activities. We work with each client to identify recovery challenges and determine readiness for entry into a lower level of care with more autonomy.

During this time, clients come face-to-face with their issues and how they have impacted their lives and the lives of those around them. Not only will our team of professionals work with our clients to help them develop strong coping and communication skills, but they will also work with client families to ensure they are prepared to support their loved one’s individualized treatment plan as they move forward into sober living and aftercare.

With the help of the staff, determination of our clients, and the application of proven research, Bella Monte Recovery Center’s Extended Care Addiction Treatment Program builds the foundation needed to maintain recovery for life.

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