IMG_5614RT_no borderIn order to help our clients maintain their recovery once they leave the facility, our team begins aftercare planning the moment someone is admitted to our program. The aftercare plan serves as a recovery roadmap for our clients. We want to make sure each client is supported long-term and has an established support network. Our clients discover the power within them and will work hand-in-hand with our treatment team to take an active role in planning their aftercare.

We extensively research all of the substance abuse aftercare options to ensure an appropriate match and then schedule appointments with the most respected treatment providers. We work with our clients to help them identify specific people, places, and things that pose a threat to their recovery. Clients are led through a series of exercises designed to help them understand the relapse process, identify personal relapse triggers, and develop an action plan to avoid relapse. This level of planning and preparation can be the difference between sustained recovery and relapse.

To further prepare themselves, clients participate in weekly relapse prevention sessions. During these sessions, they learn strategies to cope with the inevitable struggles that they will experience on their journey through recovery.

Throughout the first year, a staff member will maintain contact with each client to ensure they are staying on track with their recovery. It is important for our team to know our clients are supported when they leave. If additional resources are needed at any time, our team of staff members is simply a phone call away. At Bella Monte, we want to ensure that recovery is for life.

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