Bella Monte Recovery Center™ exposes clients to the 12-Step Program in addition to other recovery modalities including Refuge and SMART™. We strongly believe recovery is based in a connection with self and others through a spiritual conduit of some sort. We are steadfast about assisting each client with a secure plan to transition out of treatment – inclusive of these two crucial components.  

We encourage an individualist choice to recovery. We promote recovery, while we strongly advocating for happiness, fulfillment and purpose.

Residential Treatment

The care level of Residential Treatment: is when clients are in treatment within the facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This care level requires around the clock staff focus and assistance with both living within the facility and being in attendance throughout each client’s treatment. While attending outside meetings and off-site adventure outings – Bella Monte Recovery Center™ staff is consistently monitoring, accompanying and assisting clients.

Case Management

Our Bella Monte Recovery Center™ Case Management staff dedicate their efforts in assessing and assisting clients in all employment, medical and legal issues, as well as extensive aftercare planning – allowing clients to focus on their treatment. 

Case Management meets with and is involved with each client from admittance on through to a detailed after care plan. This plan is secured and in place BEFORE any client is discharged.

Our Bella Monte Recovery Center™ Care Management team vets all after care referrals and maintains strong relationships with step down facilities and a pallet of qualified therapist. Case Management coordinates all aspects of a client’s life outside of treatment, alleviating the potential anxieties of being away from home and their daily existences.

First Responders Program

The Bella Monte Recovery Center™ has developed a program to treat First Respondents dealing with deep trauma, substance use and mental health issues that may arise from the impact of their professions. Research on First Responders so far shows that First Responders are at high risk for depression, anxiety, family dysfunction, negative work-site interactions / bullying, substance use /abuse, PTSD, and toxic stress. 

  • We treat a variety of first responders referred from around the country.
  • Private, tailored program to target underlying issues common for First Responders.
  • Trauma assessment, treatment plan, and treatment that allows First Responders to heal from past trauma and return to work with skills to cope with new events.

Many first responders we have treated describe their substance use as a way to cope with the years and years of stress and trauma. They describe an industry that does not talk about trauma and pain and simply moves on from it day to day. Treatment here allows first responders to slow down, take a look at the past, and make healing choices to live a fulfilled life on and off the job.

EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

The Bella Monte Recovery Center™ facilitates EAP & Union coordinated services including detox management, residency, assessments, counseling and referrals for additional services to EAP and Union employees struggling with alcohol, substance (drug) use and co-occurring disorders.

  • Currently serving many EA Programs
  • Specializing in the Employee Assistance Programs associated with Unions in the Auto Industry of the Midwest
  • Compliant with EAP protocols, paperwork, and information.
  • “One Stop Shop” from Detox to Discharge to a planned aftercare program.
  • Flexible program for those who need to manage business and family matters in treatment.

Family Program

Here at Bella Monte Recovery Center™, in addition to compassion and a caring approach to the addict/alcoholic, we believe in the rebuilding and reunification of families.

Statistically, it is proven that when addicted persons who have the support and participation of family in this therapeutic, find that their journey into recovery
 becomes just that much easier, and rates of success increase. During the client’s treatment episode, they will have the opportunity to participate in our Family Program Weekend. Over the course of the weekend, families will participate in educational lectures on topics covering:

  • The disease of addiction.
  • Family Systems
  • The impact of addiction on the family.
  • Boundaries in Action Workshop.

Families will learn healthier ways to communicate with one another in addition to a host of practical, comprehensive tools to carry forward in their journey of recovery together.

Mindfulness & Spirituality

Bella Monte Recovery Center™ programs encourage and supports the exploration of the mind, body, spirit connection. The connective overall health of these three aspects create the maximum advantages for wellness and healthiness throughout one’s life.

All Bella Monte Recovery Center™ programs offer a variety of options for clients to engage in health and fitness practices for the body, the mindfulness of spirit for their core’s calm and stimulating educational classes for the mind.

Mindfulness is the practice of better enabling oneself to observe thoughts and emotions rather than reacting to them without such considerations. This practice allows clients to acclimate themselves to be present and live in the moment all while experiencing joy without the burdens of the past or future. A connection to self, others and a sober community is essential in navigating,  managing and enjoying the gifts of a happy sober life after treatment. Bella Monte Recovery Center™ will assess, assist and guide clients throughout the processes of finding their unique paths within all these achievements. 

After Care / Alumni

After Care / Alumni refers to all the steps a client’s treatment may necessitate after departing Bella Monte Recovery Center™ inpatient care facility. Our recommended “step-down” programs offer intensive outpatient, sober living, and outside therapy options to support a smooth client transition into a sober life. 

Understandably, each client has individual needs in relation to family, children, employment and extenuating circumstances. The Bella Monte Recovery Center™ team assist in accommodating and tailoring each plan to fit a client’s needs in supporting a healthy future.