Bella Monte Recovery Center Has helped me on my road to recovery as a drug addict and alcoholic. They helped me find my true self and connected me with my spirituality. They provided me with a community to receive moral support from others going through the same experiences I’ve been going through. They also made me feel welcomed with open arms. They are willing to listen to anything I had to say and also dispensed advice on how to cope with my problems. I’m blessed to have been able to go to Bella Monte and will take my experiences from the center with me for the rest of my life. As long as I do the steps that I have learned while in recovery I believe I will do better in my progress of a sober life.

- Josh S.

When I first spoke to Debra she was immediately willing to do whatever she could to get me into treatment. The next day I walked into Bella Monte. I was broken and scared but I was welcomed by staff right away which made me feel safe.

Over the next 2 months I was able to identify my triggers, learn how to act on impulse decision making, and the proper tools to use when I left the center.  I really appreciate all the time the staff at Bella Monte has put into my recovery and making sure my needs were met. I was recommended to transfer to sober living, and was set up with the proper IOP aftercare. I’m forever grateful for Bella Monte.

- Katie B.

Bella Monte Recovery Center; Thank you for being the oasis in the dry barren desolance of my addiction of alcohol and myself.

You’ve afforded a safe, beautiful, serene haven to work on my life skills, my mind and heart and body.

Great staff who experienced and caring work around the clock to teach us peace and freedom from addiction.

Thanks BMRC

- Phillip B.

This man called Bob C. was at Bella Monte, he entered broken and fragile and did the work.

This man’s soul was here at Bella Monte, he walked in broken and fragile only to leave with brilliance, caring, beautiful life with knowledge that his work was done right.

Since his AA/NA program was created here thru his stay at Bella Monte his actions will be rejoice for years to come.

So as you enter Bella Monte pray to restore your soul, give yourself to Margo, Miles and the staff. Let you see your new life unfold right before your eyes. I now walk my own path of life never to forget my bottom and desperation.

- Robert C

I’ve been involved in recovery for the last 10 years, of which included two years and seven years of continued sobriety. I recently was blessed with an opportunity to seek treatment at Bella Monte Recovery Center. This was my fourth Inpatient treatment center. From my arrival, it was clear that there was a different tone of care and accountability. I was treated as a sick person trying to get well, not bad person trying to get good. I was encouraged to forgive myself, but at the same time take responsibility for my disease, be accountable to myself and others, and actively take part in my treatment.

The intimate setting with only 8-14 total clients provided for close bonding relationships that were mutually supportive and beneficial. I felt the staff took a sincere interest in my overall well-being, everything from financial to physical was considered while they guided me through the early recovery process.

The facility was beautiful-Now, it is treatment, so it’s no vacation-but the swimming pool and hot tub certainly help. Morning meditation with a view of the mountainside around an open fire pit…yeah.

I can give my full recommendation and support to the facility to those seeking a solution to their chemical dependency disease and I can base that support, with confidence, on my recovery that continues today build by the foundation at Bella Monte Recovery Center with the help of counselors, staff and other clients.

- Tyler H.

My name is Sierra, I came into Bella Monte hopeless, homeless and desperate. Where I thought there was no chance of change Bella Monte took on the challenge and changed my perspective of myself and my life. Where there was no hope we found it again. Where there was lack of inspiration we found motivation. I thought I was an ugly person with no regret or morals. Now I look at myself and see a growing young lady with so much to give. I am so grateful for this treatment, I now know that I can be happy, joyous and free.


- Sierra B.

Hi, my name is Peter and today I have been clean and sober for over eight months.  This is pretty remarkable because it’s the longest I’ve ever been clean and sober.  I cannot express how much gratitude I feel for my life today, but especially towards the treatment team at Bella Monte.

I started drinking alcohol and using drugs at age 15.   At that time I really didn’t believe it to be a problem.  It was my way of escaping the stress of life; I felt like I was in control.   Yet as time passed, my little habit turned into a much bigger problem.  By the age of 22, I had dropped out of school, my family and friends wanted nothing to do with me, I was physically and mentally wrecked, and my daily life was controlled by my use of drugs and alcohol.  I really wanted to stop, but could not.  I knew that I needed to seek treatment, but was wary because I had gone to treatment before and it really didn’t help.  Sure, I would sober up for a few weeks and go home feeling refreshed.  But eventually I would fall back into that same cycle of self-destruction.  Regardless of this unease I felt, I decided to give recovery another chance and checked into treatment at Bella Monte.

Making the decision to seek treatment at Bella Monte has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  From the start at Bella Monte, I felt the difference this time in treatment.  The treatment team here was incredible.  I felt like they actually cared about my progress. With my past experience in treatment, I felt like I was just a bed number.  Everyone was so kind, supportive, and caring.  I really never felt this cared for in treatment before.

At Bella Monte, the days were always full. Bella Monte that they really helped me to take a look at myself, and the underlying issues that kept me drinking and using.  While groups were a major help, I believe that Bella Monte’s insistence on stepping outside of treatment to seek help was what really helped me learn how to live life sober. After a certain amount of time in treatment, staff encouraged me to go out on my own into the community to experience life.  It was suggested that I find a sponsor, which I did.  I then began working the steps and built a foundation, and a group of awesome friends that I needed in order to live clean and sober in the real world.

I really cannot express how happy I am that I found Bella Monte.  This place helped me learn how to live life free from drugs and alcohol.  Eight months ago I had no idea my life would be this different.  I feel a new happiness and freedom that I’ve ever thought possible.  Thank you Bella Monte for guiding me in the right direction and for showing me how to live differently.

- Peter

The decision to accept treatment at Belle Monte Recovery Center is easily the best decision of my life. I walked into Bella Monte emotionally broken and desperate to save my life. It didn’t take long to quickly realize that the environment, assistance and treatment I would receive her would not only save my life, but provide me with the skills and foundation to live a life worth living. The surroundings of the converted resort are beautiful and plush. More importantly the love, support, and guidance from ownership, staff and support team members provided me with the healthy family atmosphere and community environment I needed to feel safe and begin the healing process. Belle Monte gave me hope and knowledge that I didn’t have to do this alone. I will always be grateful.

- Daniel K.

I was sitting in my home I North Carolina strung out feeling so hopeless. I decided to look on Google at rehabs in California just to see how they were because I was fed up. I called and explained my situation about how I had no money and couldn’t afford to get out there. Randy had me on a plane with in one day.  Very scared and nervous about everything because I realized I was stuck and had nowhere to go. Margo was the best counselor I have ever had and gave me a sense of hope and helped me see and plan out a new beginning of life. Everybody here is so helpful for the support staff all the way to the program director. I loved my experience here and I’m still sober to this day. This place was a blessing and let me find myself and get myself back. Big thanks to the entire Bella Monte Staff. Awesome place and very grateful to have had this experience.


- Evan W.
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