Bella Monte is the ideal retreat to begin a journey to addiction recovery.

Bella Monte Recovery Center provides comprehensive care in our 12-Step rehab program to address each client’s unique addiction needs related to physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Our California drug and alcohol rehab team at Bella Monte is comprised of clinicians, case managers, and other addiction professionals. Many of our staff have a firsthand understanding of the life-changing issues and challenges that are commonly faced when beginning a recovery lifestyle. Our staff comprise a tight-knit team that puts our client’s care first, working together to ensure each client is successful in their treatment experience. Sobriety is our goal regardless of how many times our clients have tried to quit in the past.

When people think about drug addicts, they often imagine the negative stereotypical image that movies, television, and much of our daily experience has left us with. It is usually not a successful business person, doctor, or lawyer that comes to mind. This causes an issue because many addicts attempt to disassociate themselves from this negative stigma, often denying their problem or coping secretly, which may result in not seeking the treatment they need. The truth is, addicts are found at every age, socioeconomic class, and within every ethnic group and gender.

Bella Monte Recovery Center’s treatment program is licensed through the state of California’s Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP) as a comprehensive clinical (extended care) residential program designed for men and women recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Bella Monte Recovery Center is located in Desert Hot Springs, California. Desert Hot Springs’ natural healing, hot and cold mineral water aquifers were first discovered in the Twentieth Century. Each of the rooms at Bella Monte Recovery Center has a spacious tiled bathroom with a jetted Jacuzzi tub that pulls fresh hot mineral water from our private well. With our peaceful surroundings and soothing mineral waters, Bella Monte is the ideal retreat to begin or continue your journey to recovery.

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