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Residential Treatment for alcohol and drug addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Bella Monte Recovery Center™ exposes clients to recovery modalities including Refuge and SMART™, Mindfulness and individualization.

EAP's & Union

The Bella Monte Recovery Center™ facilitates EAP's & Union coordinated services including detox management, residency, assessments, counseling and referrals for additional services to EAP's and Union employees struggling with alcohol, substance (drug) use and co-occurring disorders.

First Responders

The Bella Monte Recovery Center™ has developed a program to treat First Respondents dealing with deep trauma, substance use and mental health issues that may arise from the impact of their professions.

Case Management

Bella Monte Recovery Center™ designs an individuals comprehensive post recovery needs through communication, assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and available resources to promote quality of care and effective recovery outcomes. 

Our Programs specialize in Residential Treatment, Case Management, EAP’s, First Responders, Family, Mindfulness, Spirituality and After Care / Alumni.