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Bella Monte Recovery Center is a leading 12-Step holistic drug addiction treatment facility. We specialize in helping those who have tried other drug rehab centers without success as well as first time clients. At our California rehab center your addiction can be permanently healed using our exclusive, individualized, 12-Step, holistic treatment program. We are experts at helping clients with drug and alcohol addiction problems find freedom from their addiction and begin a healthy new path of sobriety. Our support systems are there after successful treatment to help you stay in a healthy lifestyle.

Alcohol Rehab and Drug Addiction Treatment Center CaliforniaOur experienced and compassionate addiction treatment staff provides comprehensive no-judgment care that addresses the physical, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual issues that have caused the descent into drug or alcohol addiction. With our tranquil California surroundings and soothing mineral waters, Bella Monte is the ideal retreat to begin your journey to recovery.

A Customized Treatment Plan for Every Client

Every aspect of our addiction treatment, from recreational activities to therapeutic goals to family involvement, is individually tailored to meet the needs of each client.

We understand that each individual’s recovery process is unique. We know that each client comes to treatment with a personal mix of physical, emotional, behavioral, spiritual and medical concerns, paired with unique life circumstances, fears, goals, and motivations. We begin treatment for each client with no judgment, and no expectation that your recovery will follow a set path.

12-Step Based Holistic Treatment Model

Our holistic treatment model addresses physical, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual issues of each individual.

All of our treatment programs provide comprehensive care to address each client’s unique needs related to physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. We provide our clients the opportunity to experience a sober lifestyle and reintegrate into the community as responsible, substance-free individuals.

Supportive Phased Approach

We believe recovery is not an event but a journey.

At Bella Monte Recovery Center, our phased approach provides opportunities to evaluate the recovery progress in a supportive environment, identify and address challenges of sustainable recovery prior to step-down or discharge. Our 12-Step rooted program helps make this journey far less arduous with the direction of experienced guides and the fellowship of others who are walking the same path.

Tranquil Surroundings

We believe a safe, tranquil environment fosters your ability to do the difficult work required to find recovery for life.

With its elevated views of the Coachella Valley and thousands of acres of gorgeous mountain preserves, Bella Monte Recovery Center is located in one of the most beautiful cities in Southern California. Each of the client rooms at Bella Monte Recovery Center feature a nature-inspired palette to enhance our idyllic surroundings. Each room also features a jetted Jacuzzi tub that pulls fresh, hot, therapeutic mineral water from our own well.

Aftercare Program

When clients leave Bella Monte Recovery Center they have a concrete, specific and measurable discharge plan. Our staff is always only a phone call away.

In order to help our clients maintain their recovery once they leave the facility, our team begins aftercare planning the moment someone admits to our program. We want to make sure each of our clients are supported long-term and have an established support network. Our clients discover the power within them and work hand in hand with our treatment team to take an active role in planning their aftercare.

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